Friday Tips & Trends: Wardrobe Tips for a Family Portrait Session

Hi everyone!  This is Lily, studio & fashion manager here at LBP, and I’ll be bringing you your Friday Tip this week!  I wanted to share with you all simple ways to put together a fun and colorful wardrobe for a family portrait session.  Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when getting ready for your lifestyle shoot.

- Don’t be afraid to add color, texture, and prints to your outfits.  You don’t want it to dominate the look, but it will add interest to any photo:

- Avoid matching outfits or all white or all black outfits.  The photo will have less depth and interest without wardrobe variety.  Everyone has a different personality, so let your family members express that through their wardrobe!

- If you have a location or activity in mind, that might guide you towards what kind of wardrobe you’ll want to put together.  If you’re going to be doing a fun beach session, you might pick colorful sun dresses and khaki shorts + polos:

Have a great weekend everyone!