jessie and nick's siesta key engagement session

Alright, we're in the midst of a particularly frigid Ohio winter.  So, to inspire some sunny thoughts, we wanted to show a few warm weather sessions on the blog this week.  Now close your eyes and think of a warm summer breeze... :)

Ambrose_001 Ambrose_006 Ambrose_007 Ambrose_009 Ambrose_012 Ambrose_014Ambrose_005Ambrose_008 Ambrose_016Ambrose_027 Ambrose_020 Ambrose_023 Ambrose_032 Ambrose_036 Ambrose_040 Ambrose_041 Ambrose_042 Ambrose_043 Ambrose_047 Ambrose_048Ambrose_055 Ambrose_049 Ambrose_051 Ambrose_060 Ambrose_061 Ambrose_064 Ambrose_065 Ambrose_067 Ambrose_069 Ambrose_073 Ambrose_075 Ambrose_077 Ambrose_080 Ambrose_082 Ambrose_085 Ambrose_087 Ambrose_088 Ambrose_092Ambrose_105 Ambrose_096 Ambrose_098 Ambrose_099 Ambrose_103 Ambrose_106 Ambrose_112 Ambrose_114 Ambrose_117 Ambrose_118 Ambrose_121 Ambrose_124 Ambrose_125