An extra day of mini sessions!

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UPDATE!! One session time left. 2:50.

OK, guys, this is IT for mini sessions in 2017! I wasn't planning to add another day but since a few of you missed out booking the fall mini's, I wanted to offer one more opportunity. This place is cool! 

Sessions will take place Friday, Dec 1 from 2:50 pm-4:50pm at Mr Tree Farm in BlacklickThe sun sets just after 5pm that day so i want to be sure we wrap up with plenty of light!

- Please arrive 5-10 mins early, it's a fun place to walk around! I will be arriving much earlier and will text everyone the meeting spot. I will come get you for the start of your session. NOTE: If you would like to document cutting your Christmas tree as a family, please arrive with PLENTY of time to get the tools from the staff and pre-select that tree so we can focus on the chop-down, carry away, and photos of your family together. 

- Sessions will rotate every 20 minutes - 2:50, 3:10, 3:30, 3:50, 4:10, 4:30. You're welcome to request a time by emailing me at lauryn (at), but time slot cannot be guaranteed. You'll receive an email from me within a few days of booking confirming your session time

- Cost will be $250 and includes an 18 minute session, online viewing and ordering gallery of photos to share with family and friends, and a download link of your choice of any 10 final edited print-ready images from your gallery.

- To book, click the "Buy Now" button below. Session fee is due in full at time of booking  (billing thru PayPal). Note: I will not be able to save spots. Only a payment guarantees your session booking. Should there be rain or temperatures making it difficult for me to document your family session well, I will cancel all mini sessions and refund your money.