June 2 session (please select time)

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June 2 session (please select time)

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$75, which includes a 10 minute session and 2 digital files of your choosing from the online gallery. Additional images can be purchase from the gallery at a 50% discount of $10 per photo. 


Sessions take place once a month on a pre-determined Saturday from 8:30 am until 2:30 pm. Dates will be announced a month at a time and open for booking 4 weeks in advance. You’ll select your time slot at the time of booking.


Sessions take place in the LBP studio at 1628 W 1st ave, Columbus OH 43212.


In A Snap sessions will have a different theme and color scheme. One or two props that coordinate with that month’s theme will be provided but please bring your own personal items for the kids to interact with during the session or while you wait for your time to begin (legos, lovies, blankets, special chair, favorite toy, dress-up clothes that slip on over outfit, etc). Please note: we will not use the session time to set up so any props used must be able to be placed quickly in the scene once shooting begins.