On the cover of Dinnertime Survival Guide

So....this was a fun surprise this week. We recently did a shoot for Sally Kuzemchak for her upcoming cookbook, Dinnertime Survival Guide. We shot with a few inserts and promotional images in mind but were elated to receive an email after the shoot letting us know they were changing the cover image to one of our shots. Love how this turned out and we're excited to pick up a copy when it hits shelves! You can pre-order on Amazon now before the release in April. 


Client - Time, Inc and Sally Kuzemchak

Photography - Lauryn Byrdy, LBP

Wardrobe Styling - Lily Schlosser, LBP studio and fashion manager and author of LuckyStarFashion.com

Product and Set Styling - Cydney Schaumburg, producer and stylist at LBP

Hair/Mu styling - Katrina Rutherford

Location - Beautiful home kitchen of Britt L.

behind the scenes of our purina shoot in miami

A few weeks back, our team headed to Miami to shoot for the ongoing Purina campaign that we've been working on over the past few months.  Needless to say, this was an awesome location.. :) Take a look at some behind the scenes pics!

lauryn byrdy photography

One of Lauryn's Instagram shots from the trip.  Follow along on our adventures at @laurynbyrdy and @laurynbyrdyphotography.