oh ya, I had a baby (and other things you may care to know)

It's taken me a while to write this long-overdue post. If you're only interested in getting studio updates, just scroll down to the bottom where it says "Now for some updates...". Otherwise, read on!

That cute little girl at the top there...she's mine (proud mamma moment). And she's already 5 months. That flew. FLEW BY. I thought people were so cliche for talking about how you blink and they're all grown up. I honestly can't think of another way to say it! It's very true. 

There were some real highs and lows last year. Travel, weddings, incredible new assignments with some fantastic brands, lots of time with your sweet families making portraits, working on exciting projects with friends. And being pregnant, of course. All highs. All wonderful. But sadly, the year took a devastating turn in late Sept with the unexpected and tragic death of my 3 year old nephew, Isaiah. Those of you that followed along on Instagram experienced this pain alongside me. I'd like to just take a moment to say thank you here to the many of you that have responded so kindly over the last 6 months. This isn't exactly something you can move on from. There's moving on, but then there's moving forward. I think those are different. We're moving forward, but never forgetting. Isaiah remains present in our hearts and lives daily. Sorry to share the bad news here. I just wanted to shed some light on my silence. Almost 4 weeks after precious Isaiah's death, our sweet Willa Gray Byrdy was born. At 10:07 pm on 10/22. I've been on a roller coaster. There are good days and bad days. But everyday, I try moving forward by faith with Christ as my joy when I struggle to find it anywhere else (and yes, even with a new baby, it can still be hard). I love this verse: "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Psalm 73:26.  

I need to say quickly before i move on, thanks to my dear friend Monty, with Open Image Studio, for jumping in and taking over for my Sept 27 wedding (my last one of the year) while I was with family grieving. My lovely clients Monica and Alex were so kind to him and to me during this hand off and the wedding went off without a hitch (if you ever need a reason to hire a wedding planner, this is one!) I'm so thankful for his kindness to my couple and their understanding of the situation. Thank you so much, Monica, Alex, Monty and my trusty assistant, Clare. In the gallery below, I've noted which images are Monty's. He shot and my studio edited these photos. 

Now for some updates...

...On our staff -- In early Dec, our beloved studio and fashion manager, Lily, moved back home to Denver with her fiance. We were so sad to say goodbye, but so excited for her new adventure in her home state! Her jewelry business is growing quickly and she has big plans for Eli & Barry's future...as well as her own as she marries her love, James, this fall. I couldn't be more happy for them. Lily was so sweet to introduce me to a lovely young stylist, Emma Low, who was eager to work on shoots and take on client responsibilities for LBP. Once hired, she was thrown in the craziness and has been growing strong in her new role as Studio & Fashion Manager for LBP. As she is still learning and figuring out the oddities of working with me and in this industry, please be patient with us : )

...On bookings -- We're back to booking weddings and of course portrait sessions and have more availability now that we've opened the calendar back up. As far as upcoming shoots, we have 2 days of mini sessions planned for May 1 & 2 that you'll want to check out! These won't be our usual baby animal sessions (sorry!) but i promise you won't want to miss out. New location and a special treat for the fam. Hope to see you there! 

...On workshops -- It has been some time since we've done this and a few have asked so... workshops are BACK and just in time to get to know your camera before summer vacation and travel season! This class will be for first time DLSR users or folks looking to brush up on their skills. First class will be May 16 from 9-11 plus an additional hour at the end (11-12) for anyone that wants some extra shoot time with assistance from me. Seating will be limited. And from past experience teaching these, I know how important shooting time is so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to practice on the child and adult models we'll have during the workshop. If you're interested, get more information and sign up here! And if you do it by April 8 you'll receive the discounted early bird pricing. You can also check facebook for that update as well. Per usual, you'll leave with useful content, more confidence behind the camera, and some swag. All good reasons to come! 

...On something new -- Last but not least, I'll be introducing something new this year that will carry on. I'll be debuting our first annual LBP Client Appreciation Week June 1-5. The week will be filled with all sorts of awesomeness that you won't want to miss. Sign up for our email to get the info when it hits the blog. 

Thank you always for your business. I know you have MANY choices when it comes to a photographer, but I am so grateful to be the person you picked. Sincerely. I look forward to a new year of reconnecting with old and meeting new incredible families and couples, celebrating and documenting your happiest moments in life. 

Let's do this, 2015!