two best friends engagement session in michigan

Kelly and Monica have been good friends for a long time.  Not only did they get in engaged around the same time, but they both ended up moving to Michigan around the same time and their weddings are going to be two weeks apart!  We couldn't pass up this opportunity to shoot a best friend's engagement session.  We asked Kelly and Monica to share a little of the history of their friendship and here's what they said:

Kelly:  "Monica and I met in first grade at St. Brendan. We looked so much alike in our matching uniforms.  We were in the same class all the way through 12th grade.  We played club soccer on the same team from 4th grade on, high school soccer all 4 years together, as well as girl's choir.  We have been friends since we were 6., so 22 years!  Holy cow.  Moni and her family have been in my life longer than my youngest sister has been alive.  She's practically part of the family."   

Monica: "Well, Kelly pretty much summed it up!  She is my oldest friend.  We've been through everything together: school, sports, vacations, and camps.  All of life's ups and downs.  So it only makes sense that we're getting married two weeks apart!

First up is Kelly and Kevin's session, then you'll see Monica and Alex.  Enjoy!