This Semester's AWESOME Studio Interns

We're kinda lucky. Lucky because we had some pretty amazing college folks apply for our internships this year and we're so excited about the group we asked to join our team until September!

Meet Emily/Lyndsie/Emily (in the order shown in photo below)

Photography Intern: Emily H - Ohio State University Art/Photography major.

Marketing/Events Intern: Lyndsie - Mount Vernon Nazarene University Marketing/Mangement double major

Photography Intern: Emily T - Bowdoin College (in Maine) Environmental Studio/Visual Arts double major

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

And in true LBP fashion, this shot was a must have:) Gotta have a little giggly walk!

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

Thanks to our studio associate photographer, Amber, for these shots!

Hope you get to meet these ladies this year!