The Traveling Studio

Hello friendlies!

Lauryn, here, writing you from London! Yes, I'm back for round two of adventures:) I'll be shooting a wedding here next weekend (the 18th) and came out a little early for a mix of work and fun. If you're on iPhone, you can follow my live updates on instagram or twitter - both @laurynbyrdy. I arrived this morning, early, and will be arriving back in Columbus oh Feb. 22.

At the same time, we sent Amber (your favorite production manager) over to west coast for a quick site visit for an upcoming commercial job I'll be shooting at the end of feb.

That leaves Lily and Mel (our new-ish newbie we have yet to introduce you to!) to hold the fort down at the studio. They'll be in-and-out this week and next, getting jobs wrapped up, calls scheduled, meetings arranged, calendars updated, clients outfitted, blogs updated, and on and on. Email is definitely the best way to reach any of us right now, and calls are being returned once a day, by lily (for portrait/wedding clients), and mel (for press and commercial clients).

We'll all be back together again at the end of Feb, and then the entire team hops on a plane to Cali for more commercial work. Hey, we're not complaining ;)

So... you can expect *some* delays in:

available shoot times

voicemail return calls

and scheduling consults or meetings with me (I'm all yours after march 2!)

Looking forward to sharing some non-iPhone photos with you at some point too:)