Let's catch up!

April kicked off with a chunk of commercial work. A loud and giggly, high-pitched-voice-chattery (that voice you use when you're around kids and puppies), binkie dropping, cuddly, cheek-pinching, spit-up clean-up happening, ULTRA ADORABLE 4-day photoshoot with 37 kiddos...all under the age of 2. A blast. More details on that to come!  Kara, our studio stylist, worked so so SO hard outfitting every child and pinning as they were running away from her. It was a fun challenge:)

Up next: a newborn-ish shoot:) Baby ABE! Love. this. face.


Then, came a photoshoot in late April filled with goodies. Cupcakes. I wanted all of them.


Then wedding season hit.

May 1 - Robyn and Rob's simple family-filled hometown wedding. Fave pic of him carrying her across the cobblestone driveway.

_MG_2387May 8 - Maribeth and Taylor's loud, fun, energetic (and HUGE) Dayton wedding! Record was set for me - 22 in the wedding party.


TO FINISH OUT MAY WEDDINGS: May 22 in Cincinnati for Mary Ann and Scott's wedding, then headed down to Charleston SC 4 days later for Kurt and Nina's seaside destination wedding!

Annnnnndd...stay tuned for more fun Lottie/Lauryn Byrdy Photography giveaways:)