Updates and Working Abroad!


Our studio will be closed now thru Jan. 3 for the holidays. Then, Jan 4-Feb 3 will be open for meeting appointments w/ our studio manager only... no shoots taking place during this time. The only way to see me until Feb. 3 is via Skype as Matt and I will be living in London until we begin our journey home on Feb. 2! So a couple of you that have album consults and bridal consults will get a lovely tour of our apartment in London:)

WHY LONDON, YOU MAY ASK? Matt (husband) will be doing a pharmacy rotation at Guys and St. Thomas Hospital downtown London and being that this is my downtime after coming out of a busy wedding season, I'll be doing A TON of album design, blogging and emailing.  Email and voicemail access will be limited during this time -- the quickest way to reach someone at the studio (or me) is via email.

Shoots will pick back up in Feb. We have a few lined up but if you're looking to get on the calendar, shoot us an email! Portrait shoots are currently being booked for February, March, April and May.

If you are inquiring about wedding availability, please send us your name/contact info and details about your wedding including the date and state/city your wedding will take place. Messages will be returned as soon as possible and a consult will be scheduled!

News! NEW STUDIO!!! I can't wait to welcome you to our NEW home in Upper Arlington! Right now it is under MAJOR renovation but it'll wrap up by the time I'm back (progress pics to come). I have a trusty team there making it all pretty:) That means I'll be VERY excited to invite you to our grand re-opening party at the studio in February. Make sure you're on the email list to receive information about the event. SIGN UP HERE: http://tinyurl.com/ydfzbrc

Lastly, stay tuned to the blog for frequent updates from shoots and our travels!

(below is an image from my last portrait session with the Keller family)