Now We're In London...

Quick tour for you. And I promise there will be more... Here's where Matt works. St Thomas' Hospital from the back faces Parliament/Big Ben. That's what he stares at all day...when he's not furiously rushing around, interrupting groups of sweet old ladies (which are discussing the plans for the upcoming royal wedding) to talk about their meds. It's pretty sweet. (I feel like he should be wearing a batman backpack and hold a brown lunch bag with jelly stains on his face in this pic)

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

After this shot, we walked around back of the hospital to get this shot. We felt all of you really needed to see us rather than the beautiful setting behind us. Appreciate it.

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

The lovely panorama...

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

The next two: Westminster Abbey.

You'll notice i don't take a lot of full shots of places. Its usually because I get fixed on one thing I like and can't walk away. For me it was the door and windows here wondering who all has walked through this exact door.

Lauryn Byrdy PhotographyLauryn Byrdy Photography

A sweet statue outside of Buckingham Palace. My buckingham shots will have to be shared another time. Too many people. Ick. looked all touristy in my shot.

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

About 20 minutes later, still at buckingham palace.

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

Westminster Bridge at night with a perfectly timed bus, human (in front of the eye), and london eye lit up.

5DmkII, 35 mm 1.4L, handheld  at ISO 100, f/2.8, shutter 0.5 case you're curious.Lauryn Byrdy Photography

Shot from the very front of the second level of a double decker. I thought we were going to squash people everywhere on every turn.

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

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