Leal Boutique Commercial Fashion

I'm so excited to share this! In the fall I did a lifestyle fashion shoot at the home of the Leal's owner (insanely beautiful place, btw). We had a fantastic shoot.

After much planning and prep, their new site is up now!  Click the image below to check it out. The fabulous folks over at Summerfield Advertising did a great job on it.

Cool side note: when you come to see me at the new studio for a shoot or meeting...or just to say hello, you'll have the opportunity to pop your head into Leal and see all the fashionable goodies.  They're two doors down! And make sure to say hello to Connie, the owner, and tell her I sent you over:) Click here for their contact info.

Screen shot 2011-01-13 at 1.14.13 AM

Client - Leal Boutique - http://lealboutique.com

Agency partner - Summerfield Advertising - http://SummerfieldAdvertising.com

Photography - Lauryn Byrdy  - http://laurynbyrdy.com

styling - Meagan Carey - http://thefashiondarling.com/

hair  - Leanna Murphey - http://leannamurphey.com/

make-up - kelli ramey - http://beautimarkedbykelli/

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