I'm Back and I Tried Something New

I didn't really announce I was leaving...I just turned off email alerts and put up my out of office, directing everyone to the ever-so-patient Lily :) Thanks LIly!

I spent 5 days in Colorado with my husband and our buddy from college.

1 of those in Denver sitting in the highest possible seats at the Colorado Rockies game,

1 day in Boulder giving rock climbing a go (highlight of the trip for me).

3 days in Rocky Mountain National Park...in a tent. Perfection. I mean it. 


I learned 3 things.

1 - i am capable of successfully disconnecting. And the world wasn't different by the time i reconnected. (this needs to happen more often). 

2 - I'm not afraid of heights (really thought I was/would be) 

3 - I have a new and quite ridiculous fear of bears and now I need some sort of bear therapy. 


I'm sure i'll be posting pics soon, but here's one my husband, Matt, snagged of me heading up Boulder Canyon. That tiny yellow and black dot is me. 

PS - we're already talking about our next climbing trip.