Hello from Evergreen CO

I can't even begin to describe how beautiful it is out here. And lucky for me, I have some great photo gear to help prove it ;) Right now, I'm bundled up in the bed, which happens to be in the living room...not the bedroom. I'm watching Matt build a sweet blazin fire in the fireplace using lots of wood and tourism magazines. Matt's best quote of the day "The best decision of 2009 - packing up last minute and driving out here to spend the week. Worst decision of 2010, leaving Evergreen"  :) Nothing makes this guy happier than an insulated bottle of coffee 9000 feet up on a trail in the mountains. I'm going to have to pack him into the car when he's sleeping or he'll never leave!

Here are some photos from the drive here and the first day, yesterday.

The moon was awesome. This was as the sun started coming up slowly coming out of Kansas. We pulled the car over (kept the window up - unbelievably cold!) and snapped this shot.

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

I wish I had planned this shot out and actually gotten out of the car. These windmills were pretty sweet. But here you go - windmills in Kansas. SOOO many of them. They went on and on and on to the left of this photo.

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

My mom will be appalled by this. Growing up, she would ask me to never eat oranges in public for this reason...

I sucked out all the juice and left the skins on a napkin in front of me. Always done it. For as long as I can remember. Matt's cool with it (i think ?) so we eat oranges in public together:) And we slammed them Thursday morning in the car.

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

We're a bit obsessed with animal crackers in this family:) We kept sealing the bag thinking it would keep us away but the always landed in the front seat. Then I started playing with my food.

[That's a headless giraffe]

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

The view coming into Denver. I want to wake up to this everyday. Every.Single.Day.

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

View getting closer to Evergreen. It's so appropriately named:)

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

We had big plans for NYE but the exhaustion from our 22 hr straight-thru drive hit us around 6. Matt wasn't feeling to hot and had this crazy thing going on with his voice, which was hilarious. We were in bed with a movie by 6:30. Matt fell asleep around 9. I had some trouble...headache, light-headed and felt strange breathing. Started pounded the water at 9 and finally went to bed at 11. It didn't matter because we set NO alarms and were up by 9:30 and on the trails at 10:30.

Woke up laughing as he tried talking to me...

Our place is amazing. Someone's home in Evergreen - they're in Costa Rica right now. It's perfect!

I have some amazing pics from today's hike. I'm pulling them off the camera now and will share tomorrow morning!

Stay tuned:)