Hello and Merry Christmas from London:)


...and everyone just wrapped up their shopping. It was INSANE today/tonight on the streets. Stores packed. Looked like rush hour in New York City...but worse. I literally had to hold on to the strap of Matt's backpack to make sure we didn't separate. They closed a couple of the tube station stops due to overcrowding.


Here's a list of what you've missed 

  • Our apt is tiny, tiny, tiny. Or maybe I'll say "cozy" :) I haven't had a chance to get a great shot out front so here's a google map street view for you... (we're the top floor of 77)


  • Our luggage still hasn't arrived. And they're estimated 10-15 days now. SWEET.
  • It's NOT freezing here. And honestly, we haven't seen a bit of snow. Not sure what all the London flight cancelations are about.
  • We have walked everywhere. Several miles a day.
  • We have 6 flights of stairs leading to our apartment. No lift. After day 3 of running up and down the stairs, i'm finally not winded anymore.
  • The only good food we've had is Indian. The rumors are true.
  • I attended my first midnight mass tonight. (it must have been obvious we were the non-catholic out-of-towners)
  • Starbucks DOES NOT taste the same in every country.
  • If the price on a rental seems too good to be true, it absolutely is.
  • I have missed my puppies about 20 times a day.
  • Matt and I have become directional-geniuses. Lots of guessing where we are (since we don't have our phones or maps) and lots of being right (so far). First time i've survived w/out a GPS.
  • The tube ROCKS. Columbus, lets get on that.
  • Chai at Cafe Nero is simply the best.


I've pulled out the camera a few times ....look at all the colors?! I'm in heaven.


I'm headed to bed now. Santa is coming (i hope). It's 4:18 in London and we have big plans to do a yummy Christmas lunch out. Hopefully London can "bring it" in the food arena for Christmas day at least. I'll leave you with this image I snapped on our 30 minute walk home from midnight mass. Around 1-something in the morning. LOVE>


Merry Christmas, friends.