Ginormous Pretzels and Little Towns

There really is SOOOOO much to share. But honestly, we've had 5 seconds of internet every couple days and the time we have we end up using to tell our families where we are (this trip has literally had NO plan).

So, let me give you a couple quick visuals to give you an idea of whats to come!

Last time we "chatted" it was Christmas eve, I think.

- Christmas Day was perfect. We slept in until noon, skype'd both families, had our own Christmas lunch at a Thai restaurant a couple blocks from of our apartment, stopped for a latte and a frosted mint hot chocolate (tasted like an andes mint and was pure heaven), skype'd more, walked around Hyde Park at dusk and took the below picture (among many others), then came home to plan our trip and eat left overs for dinner and skype w/ family again. Happy day:)

Lauryn Byrdy Photography_Columbus Ohio Lifestyle Kids and Baby and Family Photographer- The day after Christmas we hopped a train to Paris. I could ride that train anywhere because I get to stare at Matt and make faces at him the ENTIRE ride. Then we got seafood as a snack. Who gets seafood as a snack? The EuroRail.

Now of course I have many pics to share. And I'll be putting them on Facebook but for now here is a snapshot of where we've been since catching the train. The bottom half is what we're doing today and tomorrow...


I have photos to show you from that entire loop. I promise I'll share them. In general, we've avoided actually staying in a big city (with the exception of Mannheim) and instead found tiny towns w/ b&b's along the way. Wouldn't do it any different. Even if we get stuck in the snow and have to be pulled out by 5 germans in Rothenburg. It's worth it:)

Until later...

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

(we ate that big pretzel over 2 days)