Friday Tips & Trends - iPhone Picture Taking Tip

Hey friends, it's Lauryn. I have a little tip for picture-taking on your iPhone that some of you may not be familiar with. It's very simple!

Have you ever tried taking a photo in a mixed lighting scenario and found that the foreground, or the subject, is much darker than the background and you wish you could expose the subject more?


The Fix:

1 - Once you've framed the photo the way you want it (shown in first photo below), click around the foreground or subject to the area you want to expose for. If clicking that point doesn't change the brightness of the photo, try touching the area with the darkest shadowing, (shown in second photo below). Her pants were very dark in the first photo. 

2 - Make sure your subject is still in focus after your exposure adjustment noted in step 1 is complete. 

3 - Press the shutter button. Voila!