Friday Tips & Trends: How to create a salon-style wall

Hey all!  It's Amber here with this Friday's tip.  Filling a wall with a variety of artwork, frames, and photographs, known as a salon-style wall, is a fun way to spice up any room in your house.  These collages of art have the ability to be quirky, colorful, memorable, or elegant, depending on your personal style.  Here's a few basic tips on how to create a salon-style wall for your own home.

1.  Decide on your wall space 

Do you want it to be square and structured?  Is it going to be the statement piece above your couch?  Are you filling an oddly=shaped space of wall?  Once you've figure out where and how you want your art to hang, you will feel more comfortable going forward.



2.  Collect Frames and Artwork

Though the purpose of the wall is to have an eclectic feel, the pieces should have similar characteristics to them.  Notice below how all the art is primarily black and white.  


In this example, the designer used a variety of early 20th century and modern art to liven up the wall.


If your pieces still feel too varied, try hanging them in a more organized and structured format.  The example below has all sorts of shapes and styles of art, but the precise precise amounts of space between all the frames and the grid-like hanging structure pulls the wall together.


3.  Create a layout

The best way to decide on a layout without ruining your walls is to use paper bags.  Trace the outline of each piece of artwork on a paper bag and cut it out.  Then, arrange the bags on the wall using tape until you decide on a layout you like.  Center your arrangement that you can always add to it in the future.

You are finally ready to hang!  In no time you will have an eye-catching new arrangement for your home!