Congrats, Ambers:)

Well, it happened for her. Our beloved Amber is engaged!!

She's just as cute about that ring as every other ring-newbie. This morning, while she was editing, I asked her how many times she's caught herself staring at her ring. Her answer (in an adorably giddy voice) "oh you know, all the time. It's so SPARKLY!" (she also raised her voice on SPARKLY to actually make the sound I think a sparkle would make).

I love it.

Out studio lunches are buzzing with wedding chatter and plans. Not just because it's full blown wedding season and we have some seriously amazing clients to be chatting about.... but with trusty Kate's big day quickly approaching (sept 24!!) and now super shooter Amber being not long after, we have so much MORE to talk about. I'm so excited for everyone! 

Here's a pic of THE RING. Gorgeous. Different. And soooooo her. Scott did such a great job making her think she WASN'T getting this one:)


I love these two. This isn't an "official" engagement session. Just a recently-engaged-quick-pop-by-the-house-for-a-photo, photo:) But I promise, there are more photos coming!