Commercial Shoot Preview - Scott Gray, DDS

Dr. Gray, approached me about "upgrading" his website.  After much discussion, we both agreed it was time for a complete refresh.  He's made great strides in his first 4 years of owning the practice (which he purchased after retiring from 25 years in the Airforce).  He has an incredible patient-base and is excited to elevate his communications as he continues to grow.  

Of course with most redesigns, it's best to have some fresh, high quality images to work with.  I was thrilled when he asked me to be his photographer.  The shoot went fantastic.  We planned out the right time of day for lighting the front of the office (mid day he gets these horrible heavy shadows on the left side).  The day was perfect.  The lighting was great.  He was totally in his element!



Scott Gray_englewood dentist


There's one more piece to all of this. Greenline Creative.  We brought Julie and Dennis onto the project asap to collaborate with us in the shot-planning and wireframing stage.  They listened and heard my dad's needs and have begun to produce a product right on target.  Here's a quick peek of the site in the works!  

Dr. Scott Gray_Englewood Ohio Dentist_Lauryn Byrdy Photography