Charlotte's Lifestyle Session (1 of 2)

I can promise 99.9% of this session was just following this chick-a-dee around.  The child has a mind of her own.  She's so happy and playful.  Full of energy.  Very curious.  All of these things made for a fantastic lifestyle shoot at her mommy Amy's store in Clintonville, Lottie Da.  I met Amy a few weeks ago as we were talking about some fun plans for portraits in store, photos for the website that will be coming soon, and some other misc. projects we're working on.  She mentioned having a little cutie at home (every mom says that of course;) but oh my goodness....the eyes.  The hair.  The personality.  My camera could get enough of her!  Part two of this post will show the remainder of the session - some product and of course more of Miss Charlotte :)  To learn more about my lifestyle sessions, see the info on my About page.  This playful, and natural setting was the perfect comfort for Charlotte to really shine.  You child will probably do the same in your own home or at a local play place you frequent.  Feel free to call or email me for more information or to schedule your lifestyle or portrait session!