Canvas and Tilts

With canvases and tilts being hot products over here, we wanted to post a little info for our long distance clients to get a better idea of options. We offer two types of canvases and sizes and multiple sizes in tilts. Please contact us for pricing.

Gallery wraps (shown below) - the photo wraps completely around the frame so the image can be seen from all sides. The back of the canvas is open with a wire for hanging.

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

Gallery wrap belowLauryn Byrdy Photography

Standard Canvas (shown below) - your photo is printed to the front of the canvas only. The back of the canvas is open with a wire for hanging.Lauryn Byrdy Photography

Wall tilts (as we like to call them, here at LBP), are one of our hottest products. They're fun to mix and match sizes and settings and can be displayed by tilting to any surface. Often times these are put in book cases, on dressers, on work desks, and on floating shelves in your living room. Lauryn Byrdy PhotographyLauryn Byrdy PhotographyLauryn Byrdy Photography