Best gift opening smiles

I left my camera at the house after the Gray family Christmas. But I have photos from tonight's Mt. Vernon Christmas with the Byrdy's. Of course I shoot people opening their gifts to catch their face, but sometimes the best face is of the one giving the gift!

Mel wins best gift-giver face...

lauryn byrdy photography

Mike wins best gift-getter face. This was him opening his new OSU stuff to proudly display on his desk at work in Huntsville, AL.

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

Jim (matt's dad) couldn't keep his hands off his Stauf's coffee.


Then things got a little trashed

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

Lauryn Byrdy Photography

Fun times at the Byrdy Christmas.

Now that gifts have been opened and our bellies are stuffed with Karen's homemade wedding soup, the fire is blazing and we're sitting down for a movie. Great night... hope yours is lovely too:)