About Me

Hi and thanks for visiting!

I’m Lauryn Byrdy (pronounced “birdie”). I live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband, Matt, and our two Maltese pups, Milo and Murphy. I capture life moments through photography. But not in that cheesy life-moment way. I capture real moments, fun moments, the simple moments that say so much more than a perfectly posed shot.

Brands. Families. Weddings. Portraits. Kids. Pets. Simple walks through a park. I capture them all. And love doing it.

There are things in life that immediately put a smile on my face.
A picture of someone laughing.
Cucumbers with the middles cut out.
A great meal at a non-chain restaurant.
Iced soy chai.
Tiny puppy paws.

Chances are you have a list like this, too. It’s a reflection of you. And that’s what a photo should be—a snapshot of your story and your personality. Leading up to your event I take the time to learn about your list. That’s what creates a great shoot experience!

Above all, I believe that every photo session should be fun. If we’re not both laughing or smiling (a true smile) by the end of our photo session, something isn’t right. That’s why I make every effort to make you as comfortable as possible. And that’s when I catch the best shots.

If you're here because you're looking for a photographer, I hope you got a taste of what I'm all about. But lets chat more over coffee (or an iced soy chai)   :)

- Lauryn Byrdy