2010/2011 Senior Rep Applicants

Lauryn Byrdy Photography_Columbus Ohio and New Albany Lifestyle Senior Portrait Photographer I think being a senior rep is more than you getting free photos, discounts, or freebees (or me giving those to you, from my perspective). I'm selective about who I choose. Here's why: My name is attached to your brand. We collaborate to make a statement about who you are and that's an exciting thing to take into your senior year. I want seniors that want that! During OUR session, expect to laugh, yell, jump, skate, swim, flip...whatever it is you do. I'll set up the experience and you show me how it's done! The most attention is put toward wardrobe and location. I have an ultra talented wardrobe, make-up and hair stylist that will join us during our consult to discuss all things hair (guys too...you want to look rockin as well), the look, what to wear and how to wear it. These aren't glamour shots. You're a lifestyle model. And you might sweat a little while you play. But expect a fun and noisy photo shoot. My team can get a little rowdy. The goal: you leave with a portfolio of images that without a doubt SCREAMS you. Your friends will be jealous yours are already done and so cool ; )

Anyone interested in rep'ing as a Lauryn Byrdy Photography Lifestyle Senior, please take the survey below and follow the instructions at the end. Only 3-4 seniors will be selected and a face-to-face consult will be scheduled to begin planning your photoshoot. All sessions will take place at the end of April/beginning of May to allow at least 2 weeks to share photos with friends before school lets out. Please do not apply if you cannot meet that timeline.

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Not interested in rep'ing? That's ok! It's time to schedule your son or daughter's lifestyle session now, anyway. Investment begins at $250. A range of collections are offered to meet your needs. Please email me to set up a consult to build your senior portfolio package and meet the team!  laurynbyrdy@gmail.com

Lauryn Byrdy Photography__Columbus Ohio and New Albany Lifestyle Senior Portrait Photographer